Help-noob question

Okay first of all hello everyone. This is practically my first time using blender. I was modeling a self portrait. When I was in object mode I went to create my lips and well I messed up so I backed up a few steps. Then I tried to go edit mode to work on more of my face instead, but I could not do anything in edit mode. Is it on a different layer? If so how can I fix it.
I have included a screen shot and the blend file.


SELF.blend (135 KB)

No. It is all on one layer.

I believe that in the process of backing out of your error, your object became unselected.

Just go to object mode and select the mesh, then go to edit mode and you should be good to go. Also the blend file seemed to be in face select mode when I went to edit, so you may need to switch back to vertex.

Never mind…

You have everything selected. Select only the mesh you want to work with and enter edit mode. the object “.001” is probably your lips, which you deleted the entire mesh to. The lips object is still there, but without any data, so it understandably confused you when you entered edit mode, and had no visual feedback that you were, in fact, still trying to edit your (meshless) lips.

Whoa thanks for the quick reply!!! I try to only to select the loop around my mouth but it selects my eyes too. SO I went to edit anyways…still would let me edit:( Where does it list the objects?

I recommend checking out Blender User Documentation. There are tutorials on that site that are very helpful. The User’s Manual has all the basic interface stuff you seem to be struggling with. I recommend reading through that.
Be sure to check out the Noob to Pro link, and also The Essential Blender.

It’s already beginning to look like you! lol. Yeah, I’d go with what Soter said. Start with the basics. You’ll be happy you did six months from now.

Thanks guys figured it out!:smiley: