Help *NOT* Needed! - Gun Problem

Nevermind, I fixed it, as explained below. I am going to leave this all here so if people have the same problem, then they will be able to use the search function.

I am working on a game called Dodge The Perverts, and when in 1st Person mode, the guns always disappear. I have been spending hours on this with no results. I cannot figure it out. I am making a game that is supposed to come out on Jan 24, and unless i can get this figured out very fast, i will have to delay.

Here is the .blend(RightClick, SaveAs)

Oh, I almost forgot - Arrowkeys to move, and NumPad 0, 1, and 2 to switch weapons.

Try adjusting your camera parameters. You may find that this will help.

I have tried setting the camera parameteres, no affect. At first I also though it might be the ClipStart setting, but that would not make sense, being that you can see the hands. I tried it anyways, with no results.

I have sat here for 4 hours strait, just waiting for a reply, I NEED to get this fixed ASAP. If anyone has any ideas, please, just leave a reply.

guys we need to get this fixed cause if we cant a game we have been working on sionce summer will never work. and chaser will wip me with random vords form his computer…

WOOOT, nevermind, i figured it out. I unperanted it, and reperanted it, but this time, instead of peranting to armature, i peranted to the right hand bone! I’m not sure how that fixed it, but I am very happy.

may be … try to change the pivot of the gun . or make it more far from the cam .