Help...Noticible Seams

Hi all,
I just started using Blender and I am having a little trouble joining two sides of a head together without seams showing up. I tried mirroring the images together but that didn’t work as the mirror image melded itself into the middle of the original half (no matter what I set the merge limit to). I then tried different ways of using the FKey (I tried with just vertices selected and then with just edges selected, looping them and segementing them) but they all just give me similar results as shown in the pictures. The orginal side is clean and renders clean. Any ideas? :spin:


Your description of what you’ve tried is not too clear. It looks like you should first straighten out the edge you are trying to join. Select the edge,

then scale to zero along the x axis [type s, x, 0]. (do this to the edge on the other half, too.)

Next, move the halves into position. Select the half on the left (it appears to be the off center half) and move it in the x direction toward the half on the right [type g, x, hold shift while moving the mouse]. Holding shift gives you better control over the move.

The two edges should be very close to each other when you are finished with the move. At this point you could try selecting both edges and removing doubles (W>>remove doubles)

or you could use scale to zero along the x axis with both edges selected to force them into line, then remove doubles.

Cool…that worked. The only other thing I needed to do besides what you mentioned was to recalculate Normals and it worked. I had read the thread posted by Dundaglan and tried what was mentioned in there but your response cleared up that you have to do s,x, 0 on both halves.


Good. Next time, try the mirror modifier. Duplicating and then mirroring is so last year. :wink:

I tried using the mirror modifier function originally but this is what I get. I can set the merge limit to different values and all it does is melt the two images together. Using the Y axis melts them that way and Z melts them front to back. Maybe I have something somehwere set wrong?


The mirror modifier uses the object’s center to get its orientation. If you reset the object’s center to (0,0,0) or the left edge of your face it would work.

To set it to the left of the face, select the all the vertices around this loop (the loop that defines the center of the face), then snap (shift-s) the cursor to the selection, then (in object mode) press the ‘Center Cursor’ button in edit buttons (F9).

You guys are great. Thanks Orinoco & forTe. I have to say that the Blender forums are the best. I’ve worked with a lot of graphics software, PSP, Flash, etc and their forums are ok but the Blender users are really helpful. Maybe it’s the open source mentality?

Maybe. For me, I got a lot of help here when I was starting out. I’m still getting a lot of help, since I’m still learning the fine points, and probably always will be, because the developers add features faster than I can learn them. I think of it as giving back to the community.

So it takes me maybe ten minutes to split Suzanne’s head and weld it back together for you. I know it would have taken me hours to find that out by reading the wiki, doing searches and such if I didn’t already know how. Not that there’s anything wrong with reading the wiki and doing searches, but I think that kind of learning takes place better when you’re not frustrated by a situation with your model. At that point, you don’t need five hours of reading, you need a quick answer.

Using mirror modifyer is my fav method