HELP object separation not working

Hey, I am having a problem with separating a copy of a selection of an object. So the steps I take are I use b to box select half of my object, and shift d to copy it. Then I must move it elsewhere and left click it down in order to press P, and then either selection, etc. I have tried them all but none succesfully separate the object, when I try to move it it remains glued to the original, and the original moves with it. I suspect the problem is with left clicking the object down?

Thanks in advance!

disable proportional editing from the header before moving the object.


Works here on 2.79 buildbot. Steps:
Select some part of the mesh in Edit mode.
Shift D to Duplicate it.
G Y 4 Enter to move copy 4 units along Y axis.
P > Separate by Loose Parts.

Problem could be related to what JA12 said.

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Yes, thank you so much, disabling proportional editing enabled me to separate the two objects! This had been aggravating me for so long, it is such a relief to finally have it work.