Help: Omniperspective Camera control around a static mesh...

Hello All,

Truly new to Blender and Game Engine. I am utilizing Isosurface reconstructions (.obj) of Human CT data and need an omniperspective camera utlility (the ability to rotate, pan, & zoom) around say a human pelvis for active 3D teaching demonstrations. I have used Virtools in the past and achieved this explorative environment via Shift+LMB=pan, Z+LMB=zoom &Alt/Apple+ LMB=rotate. The anatomy 3D mesh was centered and static. I have streamed my Virtools construct if anyone would like to take a look at what I am trying to achieve…

Any suggestions on how to do this within Blender’s engine? I appreciate any help. Thank You.

Oooo Fun!
My math skills aren’t at that level yet, but ask Ninja Golalith about his mouse interface script and blend. That should come in handy. Just tell him that I sent you.

Thank You Kindly, I have done so

Attached is a sample file you can eventually modify and improve according to your needs.
After launching the game engine, camera control is achieved via the keyboard, as follows:arrows: rotate up, down, right and left)
numpad 4-6-8-2: pan in 4 directions
numpad +/-: zoom in/out.
To use this setup in your application:

  • Import the empty and its child camera in your scene,
  • place the empty in the center of your target (human pelvis or whatever)



OmniperspectiveSetUp.blend (226 KB)