Help on a character's pose being automatically copied over to previous keyframe

I’m making a moving walk cycle with a biped model of a man, but when I set the 3rd keyframe, which is his second footstep (2nd keyframe is the in between walk pose, 1st is the first footstep) the pose I set on the leg is applied to the keyframe before it, and that’s not supposed to happen. So when I go back to keyframe 2 (the keyframe before it), the left leg is suddenly higher like keyframe 3.

This only happens when I move a specific part of the leg, though.

Here’s the file to show you what I mean:

On the third keyframe it’s the second footstep. But when I applied that keyframe and go back to the second keyframe, the foot is in a completely different position.

Help please? Anyone?

I can only try because I’m not quite sure after looking at the file. What do I have to do to see the problem? Probably you also have to insert additional keys at the 2nd keyframe for all missing values.

you have a start pose keyframed for every bone, and then you have a finished pose for just a few bones and keyframes inbetween for just the bones you are moving, so all the start bones are trying to move to the end of the animation while the moving bones are trying to move according to their keyframes. and the whole thing is trying to move across the screen .
i have seen people do that but for a “cycle” i believe it to be better to have your character walk on the spot and then use a curve guide to move the model later. or just hand move it, whichever.

you need to make use of your references. each picture is a finished pose, build your animation by posing the first pose and middle pose. then you can copy and paste-flipped the first pose at the last keyframe to give you your final pose.
then you can pose the inbetween poses which will give you your animation. or at least, the main blocking of your animation

Well without even moving the actual model I can move him by moving the legs and the chest/waist position frame by frame, which is way easier.

So I don’t get it. This rig I have is designed to move when you make the next walk pose, so it would be more difficult to copy and paste the pose, and I’ve even tried pressing I to insert a keyframe using the whole character but for some reason I press I and it just inserts a keyframe with no prompt. I’ve already started again and made a better walk cycle but again I got this problem randomly.

You can try making a walk cycle, and eventually when you do one of the keyframes, you’ll see that he just slides towards it or something.

Hello help please…

sorry, this rig is too complex for me to comprehend. the rig shouldn’t move unless i expressly tell it to do so by moving the root bone. having the thing slide around while i am trying to pose it is a no no.
i would go back and look at how it is set up and make the rig animatable pose by pose. you dont want to be fighting with your rig, it is just going to make your adventure painful and unenjoyable

It is already supposed to be animatable pose by pose.

I’m not quite sure if I understand it. If the pose between the key frames is not ok, you must also set key frames there. Or is the pose at the key frames not correct? Then it’s the same solution. Maybe I can’t help but maybe this clarifies it for others.

I think I’ve fixed it now by making it record a keyframe for the whole character.