Help on animating a mesh in v2.62


Blender noob here, so please be gentle. I’m fairly pro with python though.

I’m using Blender v2.62. Documentation for 2.6 seems to be still in production, and a lot seems to have changed since 2.4.

So, I’ve got a bunch of csv files with containing grids of height data, and I want to animate one set of data morphing into the next one over the course of 10 frames or so, and so on for the rest of the data. This must be quite a common request, but I’ve spent hours googling and trying things and I’m pretty stuck.

I can read the data in fine, create a mesh with all the right faces and correctly directed normals, and update this mesh with data from a second file.

Setting up the animation is the hard part - I think I need to create the initial mesh, then use the vertex positions from subsequent data sets as absolute shape keys, then somehow use an ipo curve to set up the transition of the mesh from one key to the next. But how?

To be honest, I’m having trouble doing this through the user interface as well. I can create shape keys in the Object Data panel when in Object Mode, and by unchecking “Relative” I guess I’m making them absolute shape keys, but I can’t figure out how to set up the ipo curve for transitions. But since I eventually want to do this all in python I though I’d post here :slight_smile:

So, are absolute shape keys the right way to be going about this (which I can create with bpy.ops.object.shape_key_add()) and, if so, how should I set up the animation?