Help on blender-Linking scenes

Ok, I know I have to press Ctrl+L to link scenes, but in a game you have your character, and each time a press “space” it adds +1 to the characters property, i pressed space 5 times and I want that to be copied to the other scene, so lets say when I press “enter” I go to scene2, my character is there, my properties are there, but the value of the property = 0. well… what do I do. I want it to copy the value of the propery when I press a button, please help.

Thankfully, changes made on linked objects don’t get distributed to the other scenes that object appears in.

You have to transfer this data yourself, manually. The best way to do this is arguably through global python variables.

Any attribute you assign to GameLogic can be accessed anywhere; globally.

# Assign the global
GameLogic.myAttribute = myValue

# Retrieve the global
myVariable = GameLogic.myAttribute

Thanks! Man, this is exactly what I needed