Help on book animation project

Hello everyone, I’m an enthusiast Blender user.
I’m working at a book animation for a project I’m doing.
I followed a great tutorial for all the rigging and setup part for the book and it’s pages, and I love the versatility I can have on manipulating the animation.
This is a section of it:
Page rigging

I’m struggling with a big issue that I don’t have idea how to fix.
I explain the setup first:
The pages of the book are rigged to to bones to turn one after the other.
Each page is a shape key animated mesh for the page folding during the animation.
I made 36 individual pages because I actually need them all with different textures.

My big issue is that, as soon as a page starts moving, it intersects with the underlying one, and I see it showing through the moving one.
In the file I attach it will be clearly visible.
I tried everything, tweaking the subdivisions, change the shrinkwraps offsets page by page. I simply don’t get it to have each page clean on moving during the animation.
I suppose the problem is in the MDD animation imported to the page mesh. Maybe something related on how the geometry gets deformed by te shrinkwrap.
I’m breaking my head against this thing and I really cant find a better way to solve. Please help me.

I attach the blend example file. I just put some plain color instead of textures on the first 3 pages flipping, but the same goes on for all 36 of them.

Any help would be very appreciated!!
Thank you

This is the blend file zipped in an archive:
Blend in zip archive 5MB

This is an example of the issue

That really is an adjustment type nightmare animation that will keep your head scratching. First of all your shape keys can not move the parts of the page that are close to the next pages going up and down. So your timing is off on them. (not explained at all in tutorial). If your shape key on the lower part moves it overrides the shrink so your pages pokes through. Fix those (don’t use the bottom part of the page toward the binding at all for the shape key) with that in mind. Secondly you need to time the page bending on the shape key such that it does not interfere with the timing of the page turn. After you do that, then you can adjust your offsets. I don’t know if it is still there but there were a few examples on blend swap for alternatives.

stilltrying, thank you very much for you reply. I’m really glad to have some feedback.
Indeed the shape key animation in something to take care in conjunction with the page turn.
Due to lack of experience I followed the tutorial blindly, so I encountered those issues as my project has more pages to deal with.
Your considerations are really valuable and I will take those in consideration when I have to rebuild the animation for the pages.
For the moment I’ve found a workaround that is working.
I used a duplicate of each page, removing the shape key animation on the duplicate and shrinkwrapping those to the master deformation geometry. Then I shrinkwrapped each page to its own duplicate. Now I don’t have intersections and I can deal with the offests easily.
It is not an ideal approach but for now it is doing the job.
Thank you again for your suggestions