Help on Choosing!!!!!

This weekend im gonna buy a C++ compiler program and I want to know which one of these are better?

Microsoft Visual C++.Net 2003 Standard Edition
Borland C++ Builder 6 Personal

Please tell me which one would be better…

I thought there were plenty off free complier applications. my C++ book came with a bunch of free software… namely compilers.

of course, if your going to buy on go for the non microsoft version.

Even microsoft has a free toolkit: check this


I’m not an expert on this at all… however, someone who I think knows what they are talking about recomended Borland. The background was that I wanted an easy to understand system to help me to learn c++, and one where I could quickly get a feel of doing things outside of the console window or whatever its called, and which has a readable / understandable guidebook to go with it.

Borland was their advice.

Dunno if that helps. I guess it depends what yo’re wanting it for…

Most C++ programs I’ve seen have M$ Visual C++ project files with them. However, one of my uni Comp Sci professors had a smashed cd of Visual C++ on his wall so I’m guessing he didn’t like it.

One thing I’ve noticed about 3rd party compilers though is that sometimes they don’t use system header files but include their own. I noticed this with Codewarrior on Mac and I found it very hard to compile stuff because some needed headers were part of the system but not part of the 3rd party toolkit and when I included the system headers, I got all sorts of conflicts with the toolkit.

So now I just use Apple’s own XCode tools for development. For one it’s free but mainly because they make the system so updates that take advantage of new technology comes out first. One recent example is I just downloaded Xcode 2.1 last night, which lets me compile for Intel or PPC chips now that Apple are switching to Intel.

I wouldn’t buy a developer kit though. What’s wrong with ?

if you are going to get one, get the m$ one. most things have a msvc++ proj included, so you might as well.


I might get teh M$ one but then again Borland is like rated number 1 for like system stability and deployment, so i might go with that. Cuz i already have M$ visual C++ 6 but not M$ Visual C++ .net