help on displacement maps.....

excuse my bad english, I’m writing from italy.
How can I visualize in editing or object mode the displace effects? Now I can see them only in rendering…
thanks in advance
I’m using 3.40 blender release

i guess that is not possible.

blender 2.40 you mean :wink:

You can’t! Editing mode is ‘only’ OpenGL. Likewise you won’t see Fresnell effects, diffraction and stuf in edit mode.
You can visualize a displacement map if you actualy displace the vertices.

Ok, thanks for suggestions.

I’m intrested in this also. In maya and 3d studio max you can displace the mesh and move the verticies so you can see the result in the modeling window. Usually this was not recommened as video cards 10 yrs ago couldn’t handle anything worth displacing, so you make a low-res one for modeling placement, and render the other hi-res one that is hidden from the modeling view. This was useful for visualizing terrain with 1,000,000. The low-res one would have only 50,000 and that way you coud place your camera and other elements with some idea of where the terrain was.
This guy made a script for True displacement of a mesh and I was going to use it in the above described way, if I can get it to act correctly.

Give it a try and share the results.

Not sure if its what your after but you can displace vertices in meshes based on the grey-values of a texture applied to it.
Go to link below and look at noise.

There’s a true mesh diplacement script in the scripts section.

This allows you to apply a displacemnet map to a mesh and view it in the 3D windows. You don’t apply it as a texture map, that will only show at render.


Thanks Hazza. Wow, in most 3d packages noise in mesh modeling just adds a random perlin noise to displace verticies, but as I see now in Blender it displaces verts ‘live’ based on texture, where ‘displace’ displaces them on texture, but only for render. I wonder how many other blender tools are not what I think they are. :o