Help on Game Walk and Run Cycles!

Hello Guys,

I need some help with the development of Run and Walk Cycles, that I can use on BGE, if someone knows an tutorial that explains how to set every frames used on the action, please tell me:p

Well, can you set up actions at all? I recommend going into the Animation screen, and then rotating the bones to where you want them to go and pressing I, and then clicking ‘Rotation’ on the menu that appears to make keyframes for animations. You can see the animation on the left side of the screen. I would recommend viewing the animation in the Action Editor window.

You better ask in the animation forum.
When you did that you simply apply your actions to the logic bricks.

I think I expressed it badly, I need some tips, on how to pose the bones correctly to make a good animation, some constrains maybe, anything that can help my animation.

i saw some good tutorials on youtube though.

I wonder how run and walk cycles would work if you’re going up and down slopes. The legs might end up floating or sticking into the ground.

Can someone help me with how to do a backwards animation? I have a character armature(parented to a mesh) setup inside a character box. The box controls the movement and the armature controls the animation. So when I start the game I set Always sensor to loop the idle animation. When I give input, the box moves forward and the armature inside plays the walk forward animation. Similarly, the run animation plays fine.

The problem I’m facing is getting the walk animation to play when I walk backwards(walk the other way)…This setup is for a 2d game. I tried tracking the box to two cubes(one on the extreme right of the level and the other on the extreme left). I did get it to work properly and the animations were playing out fine…however the camera is parented to one of the faces of the box…so when the box turns the other way(to track to the cube on the left) the camera turns with it…changing the whole perspective.

I just want an elegant solution to get my backward walk and backward run animation working fine. Would be extremely grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

So you do not want the camera to change perspective? Have you tried Vertex parenting the camera?

Select the objects like you would normally when parenting but use tab to go into edit mode on the box and select one of its vertices and CTRL + P. Vertex parented things follow the objects but they do not copy the rotation so the camera should stay at the right perspective.

Hope this helps

(quick blendfile attached)


vertexparent.blend (133 KB)

Thanks a tonne Scar89…at work now…will go home, try it out and let you know.

I tried it out and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot guys. :smiley: