Help on how to create a hologram with particles

I’m working on a hologram and want particles to flow from a small hologram source, spread out to where the hologram model is and then fade out.

I have tried lots of things and watched all tutorials I could find but I can not make it work. The closest I got was a tutorial that used the harmonious forcefield to gather the particles emitted from Susan to the point where the hologram source was. 2 problems with that. First is that I could not make it work because the froce field do not affect the particles. Second is that the particles flows the wrong way like that. From the hologram to the forcefield/hologramsorce and not as I like it to be from the source to the hologram.

Here is a picture from a tutorial that is almost what I would like to achive.

In this tutorial the particles flow from the circle below up to Susan. Thats good. But the particles flows from the whole surface and straight up. I want the particles to go from one small point and spread out up to the hologram and that way create the lightcone in this picture.

The guy who made this used several lightsourses to make the lightcone and set the ambiance of the image but I need to avoid lights for this project.

I appreciate if someone could help me with how to set this up.

(Tutorial made by MattSmith1995 found on Youtube)

Some general things:

Whatever is the force field you’ve used, have you tried to increase the force field strength?

First of all make sure the “source of the hologram” is the particles emitter. Even with another object put on the “source” position and with “Emitter” unchecked in particle’s render tab.
Particles are affected by gravity. You can find gravity in the field weights tab (particles section). With negative gravity, for example -1, they will go up.

gravity on -1 as @LazyVirus said. Then under Velocity set random on 1.5 for example. When random is greater the cone gets wider. Make the emiter as small as you want the underside of the cone to be. Use lifetime to influence he hight of the cone. And number for the density of the particles.

File is attached. (7.2 MB)

Thank you. That worked like a charm. I made it way more complicated than it had to be. =D