Help on incorporating my animated armature

I have made a character, added an armature as a modifier, fixed it up so that it moves pretty smoothly, and now i want to make it so that it will perform my little animated walk cycle in a game environment.

When i try simply using logic blocks, using a simple chain from an “up arrow press and hold” sensor to a control to a “action: play” actuator, nothing happens. when i parent the model to the armature, my model gets crazily deformed, but it at least moves when i press the up arrow.

my question is if there an easy way for me to make my armature animation work in my game, or do i have to re-parent, rename groups, and then re animate the entire thing?

thanks very much
Nico Zevallos

there’s no “easy way” with the game engine!
Prepare yourself for a long and sometimes hard and boring task!
Armature modifier don’t work in the game engine, you need to assign “Vertex Groups”…probably when parenting, the “create from envelopes” option will make the “good” ones…I hope?!
Here’s a very old tut:

all right. thanks very much.

there is an easy way, read my post here