Help on making hair

Hello, i’m just new on 3d modelling and i’m having some problems ^^"

so uhh, i’ve looked for hair tutorials around the net and tried them tho, i think the problem is that because my model is mirrored.

is it really possible to place hair on a mirrored object? cuz’ whenever i put hair on my object, it only appears on the half part of it…then after i render the scene, the hair switches to the other side and gets messed up.

uhh…is there any way to fix this–without having to remove the mirror modifier thing?

anybody help?

I don’t know how to mirror hair, or if that is possible. But, If you’d like to get hair on more than half your model, you’ll have to ‘apply’ the mirror modifier.
Then, you should be able to get the hair on the whole object.

ah it worked! thank you so much sir! ^^

No prob, only thing is, you mesh is solid now and you can’t mirror edit it. You’ve probably noticed this already though.

I have used this mirror modifier and i got the hair model i like,

Cool! If you get time, post a render. I’d love to see it.