Help on making tiles on same level as others? (Mesh squares)

What I’ve got is some terrain I’m looking to fix. I’ve got a slope I need to level out at one point, could anyone show me how I should go about fixing this?

Here’s what I’ve got:

Here’s what I want it to be:

Please help!

I’m not sure it’s what you want to do, but just in case, remember that you can select a face/vertice/edge and press SHIFT+S -> Cursor to selected to snap the 3D Cursor to the selection.

Then change the pivot center to “3D Cursor”

Select now any other face/vertice/edge you want to level to your previous selection, press S and scale on an axis ( Z by example) and 0 (the number) then enter to get the selection at the same level as the 3D cursor

For cases like this other way to do it is to use Sculpt feature of Blender. Just use Inflate brush, adjust the Radius, Strength, and Curve and puff it up.

the simplest (and least accurate) way I can think of would be to simply select the faces you want “flattening” and scale them to 0 on the Z axis, then move them to the correct position… Its a quick hacky way of doing it

edit: this is pretty much the same as Sanctuary’s method, just without using the “snap to” options.

The alternative way is to enable Bart Crouch’s Looptools Addon and select flatten (best fit or view) which will give you many options, specifically you can choose view and rotate to the view you want to have the flattened faces oriented to before flattening. Actually takes longer to type this than to use the tool.