Help on modeling a shovel like object


I’m very new to blender and this is a very basic question I guess. I have made a few attempts, but somehow couldn’t get a satisfactory result. I’m trying to model the head of a certain type of spatula (see attached picture). What has me stumped is how get all the curves right. I started out with a plane and then extruded the left and right sides. I then added a subsurf, and that part looked sort of OK. but how do I get the rounded front? I’ve tried curves, but they aren’t that easy to handle. I think I’m just going at this the wrong way. I’m sure there is a very simple technique that I don’t know about. If someone could give me some tips on how to get the front and the top edges of the extruded faces to be nice and round, I would greatly appreciate it.



use 2D curves to model the basic shape then convert to mesh
also can you find a top pic so you can follow the countour of the shovel!

happy blendering

That reference image is quite small resolution but the object being so simple it’ll do. What can be seen right away is that it needs two face loops flowing correctly when using subdivision surface modifier.

Bottom left corner:
The object needs one face loop around because it’s round and it has a sharp edge (marked green) and another to the front because it’s curved (marked red). Identifying those areas from the reference image and having some sort of idea on how to model those in with the least amount of effort, you also know that it will most likely need a subdivision surface level 3 unless refined.

Top and bottom right part of the screenshot:

  • Starting with a plane
  • adding a loop cut (ctrl+r) in the middle and scaling along Y to get a basic points for rounded edges
  • moving top vertices to give better initial shape
  • extruding (E) outside edges along Z
  • scaling those edges along XY (S, shift+Z)
  • selecting bottom faces and insetting (I) them without the boundary. You can unselect boundary option from the operator panel after inset (F6, or bottom of the tool shelf)
  • adding subdivision surface modifier with level 3 (ctrl+3)
  • spacing front vertices evenly to get even curved shape
  • adding loop cut near the bottom to define sharp edge and one at the front

You could then select all, remove doubles with W -> remove doubles (won’t have any), ctrl+N to recalculate normals outside and add a solidify modifier to give it some thickness.

You, sir, rule! Thank you!