Help on modeling and joining meshes making seamless shapes

(daftkid) #1

Fresh in blenderrealm, i need some help on making shapes join each other…

The pic shows a testrender,aswell as the problem, i want the two red shapes to “sort of melt” into each other, ive tried to subdivie the big shape and the moving the vertexes about without a satisfactory result.

So, firstly do u understand what im trying to do, and two; anyone have a clue on what to do?

As you prolly can see, the two red shapes are just merged the rough way, by placing the one into the other, wich i think isnt the thing im after…

(EnV) #2

Try the intersect button in the edit window; it’s a sort of boolean operator.
Or else you can connect vertices by hand…


(daftkid) #3

cool, thanks

(S68) #4

Try also the subSurf button AFTER having foolowed wise env tips


(daftkid) #5

Yeah i figured that one out the hard way(not having saved properly, i had to remodel…) - how about a step history for blender eh? dumbasses like could need one :stuck_out_tongue: