Help on my horse model...

I tried doing the vertex to vertex style of modelling a horse and as you can see the horse is kinda in 2D in the images below so how do I turn this into a 3D model (Sorry for the wording but I hope you understood what I mean)

Blender Artists blocked my Tinypic Urls because I am a new user… I ll post the photos later.
Thanks for helping a newbie in advance! :smiley:

Here are the Picture of my horse:

Lol ouch… jank it and start over this time working from two angles instead of one. You tried to outline it but that doesn’t work with 3d modeling. Try starting with a box and move the verts slowly to form a horse.

LOL hahaha ok, but the problem was I couldn’t find a view of the same Arabian horse both from the front and side, so I decided to experiment, but it was obviously a FAIL. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I did not watch these thank you very much :smiley:

Is their any tutorial on modelling a horse?

I found a video here:
even though the program used in the video was Maya it gave me an idea on how to model a horse!
I will post some pictures later.
(After I go and have Iftar :D)

That’s a great video! Gave me some ideas also. And all you’ll need to do is modify the head with the Arabians small muzzle and arch the neck nicely! I can’t wait to see how it comes out :slight_smile: I have been using for awhile. It’s a good place for pictures to work by. Here is a link to modeling in the style like the horse video but it’s for blender. Lesson #1 has the tutorial. These are the tuts I’m doing.
Have a wonderful Iftar dinner!

Thank You! These tutorials look awesome! The Arabian horse breed is, to say the least, amazing.

My horse’s torso:

More to come tomorrow :slight_smile: But I have one question, how do you round the horses torso a bit to make it more horse like? To see what I mean, watch the video I posted above.

Mate, don’t use that much vertices. Outline the whole horse with few vertices, and then keep on adding detail.
Too many vertices give you too many headaches.

Come on, don’t do 2D. Think 3D. Here I did quick build from cube:

Add some divisions to round the sides and extruded ends out to fit the horse form. Note how I form the rear end without the leg overlap. I am going to be extruding legs out from the side. Keep thinking in term of 3D form:

Now I extruded both legs from side faces and added extrusions down along the legs. I added subdivision modifier to add more polygons and smooth things out. Don’t start with too many polygons to begin with. It is too hard to form round surfaces:

This was my first try and some of the mesh flow is not quite right. At this point I need to decide whether to keep on going or to start over using different initial form.

Lol i was just about to tell you the same things ridix did ofcourse i wasnt gonna model it as he did so graciously. Try starting with a box and model it like that. Im not saying that you can’t model a horse using plane modeling, but with the pictures you’ve posted, it doesn’t seem that you understand the concept of it and you try to model from 2d which is possible, but you need to first split the area and work from two views at once which you don’t seem to understand that well either. Try using box modeling and you might find it easier, you might find it harder, but you gotta try something else. Sorry if i offended you…

That’s beautiful! Keep going!

@Starplayer Ok, ill try using less vertices, I hear they are a problem when rigging.
@Ridix That is just amazing! I thank you for all your effort! Ill try to do what you did, but I don’t know if the outcome will be that awesome!
@Jutomana I have tried box modelling and found it to be very hard. I then started this type of modelling yesterday and found it easier, I guess the reason is I am not very artistic. I wasn’t offended at all!

I am kinda losing hope on doing this project, I did everything you said I should do Ridix except extrude the legs, and these are the results after subdividing and smoothing the mesh:

Is there anything I can do to improve the look of this mesh, and make it look a bit more like Ridix’s?

What are Edge loops?

Oh, I didnt realize the link you posted was about edge loops :stuck_out_tongue:

You really MUST know about edge loops;)

Hmmm, I still dont understand what edge loops are, the article states, “An edge loop is a line on the mesh that crosses exactly two edges.” I still dont quite grasp what the author means by that, so when a line intersects an edge of a cube (for example) this line is called an edge loop?