Help on setting up intervals...


I’d like to setup intervals/sequesnces between objects in the scene but have no idea where to begin, could anyone provide a feedback?

Char 1 run
wait for 5 seconds
Char 1 stops.
play idle anim.
wait for 5 seconds
Char 1 says “Hi!”
Char 2 walks into the scene.
Shows on screen press any key to continue
wait for key press…

In non-BGE, we just throw all the animation into the NLA, and simply hit Alt+A.
How can such real-time scenario be done in BGE? Any suggestions?


In short, you need to use finate state machine of BGE


FSM? Well, it seems like an option.
But isn’t there an easier option by using BGE’s bricks?


well, you could use the ‘delay’ sensor. A delay of 0 is no delay, 60 is a second, 120 is 2 seconds of delay, etc… you get the idea.

BGE’s bricks can be used to create an FSM by using the state system.

You could use a timer property or a python equivalent (which I don’t know what it is) and property sensors (if time > 5.0 ect).

Hi all,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I saw the delay sensor, but never thought that it is used for making ‘delays’ and I will look into BGE’s logic brick of creating a possible FSM.
I think, python scripting is the most flexible option at this point. I don’t mind learing blender’s python api.

Thank you for the suggestions~!