Help on Shape Morph on Blender

I have a character that I want for your hand to turn into a sphere, I’ve seen some tutorials about morphing but, most of then to morphing the whole model in a new shape, I want to just his hand change the shape, Can someone tell me if there is any way to do this? and turn the morph into a shape key?

Thank you.

It’s been a while since I worked with shape keys, but I can tell you that Blender does have a To Sphere operator. If you are using 2.79, with your mouse over the 3D viewport press spacebar (in 2.80 press F3) and type “to sphere”. The way this works is that it takes whatever vertices you have selected and moves them into a sphere shape by following a zero to one transformation where zero means no change and one means fully spherical.

So, for your character’s hand, do a lasso select or box select the vertices you want to change into a sphere, press spacebar, type “to sphere”, press 1, press enter, and you’ve done! Maybe someone else can chime in about making shape keys.

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Thanks for the answer but… the Sphere was just a example, what i acctualy want is to chage the form of the object in diferent shapes, something like the shrinkwarp modifier do, but most of the tutorials are fronf change the WHOLE model into another shape, i want to change only a part of the model in to a shape of other model, and don’t need to be exacly like a sphere, can be something like a hammer or spear,i wanna change the shape of a part of one model into a shape of the other model. Can you help me with this? thanks for your time.

what you aim for is actually the usual use of shape-keys, that is to morph single parts of an object, such as for facial expressions an so on.

To do that you first create a basis key by clicking on the plus icon in the shape-keys panel, than a second key to store the deformations you are going to add.

To be able to see the vertices deforming during the editing make sure to give the key a value of 1.0 and to activate the ‘use shape keys in edit mode’ icon, as in the image below, then start to edit the mesh as you please.