Help on smoke/fire simulation on a moving+ rotating asteroid

Hi there!

I’m having a bit of trouble using the smoke simulator to create fire coming off of an asteroid while its moving.

I’ve followed a few tutorials on youtube on how to use the smoke simulator in 2.65 to create fire using the ‘fire’ option in the flow settings, and I can create a realistic looking enough fire on a STATIC object, but whenever I try and use the same technique on an object that’s moving in a straight line, the quality seems to go straight down. I’ve tried increasing the divisions in the domain settings, as well as decreasing the step size in the domain material settings.

Basically, I’d like any help you could give, any suggestions on the best way to go about this, I’ve been trying on an off for a few weeks now, tweaking different settings here and there to try and get it looking good, but as soon as motion is involved, it looks terrible :confused: I realise I could animate the camera movement instead of the movement of the asteroid, but I think it would be easier to control the path of the asteroid using a motion path than working out camera movements to make the asteroids movement seem right. It also means I can adjust the camera position for a 2nd asteroid shot I need, and I wouldn’t have to change anything but the static camera position

Anyway, I hope I’ve made sense, I’m new to the forum as well so I hope this is in the right place! Any help would be appreciated, I’m going mad staring at this animation for hours on end, and knowing my luck, it’s just one simple setting or something that needs changing!