Help on texture placement

Hello! I am new here, so correct me if I’m wrong (however I use this kind of Discourse website so probably good)! Anyway, I wanted some help. I have a Portal 2 elevator and following an importing texture tutorial, I managed to import the textures to the model. However, it’s not looking like it should. This is how it’s currently looking:

It looks pretty alright to me. What exactly is wrong with it?

Since I cannot post 2 images once, this is how it needs to look:

Model taken from Sketchfab

Can you post a shot of your UVs and shader stack?

Not sure what you really mean, since I am very new to Blender too. Anyway, this is the UV Editor texture:
And shading stack from… Shading Editor…?
I am really sorry for being a noob, but I am trying to learn!
Edit: I can attach a .blend file

Yeah, fire away. Having the .blend file will help out tremendously.

Your UVs look pretty good, so it’s probably an issue with your shader stack, which, yeah, is from the shading editor.

Oh man. I cannot post attachments. Could I possibly send you a PM?
This is what I see in the shading editor:

Yeah, you could. But right now, it looks like everything should be working. On the shader front, I’d turn up the roughness, and turn down the specular. The only issue I could see is that the texture itself is guffy, or you have some weird normal error.

Try this: go into edit model, select everything with A, then hit Shift-N to recalculate all your faces to the outside. Also, make sure your texture is the actual color texture, and not, say, a curvature map. That _c could be either/or, so play around with that a bit.

Actually, can’t. :sob: Anyway, thanks for the help, so much!

Hey, no problem.

So I take it you fixed it, right?

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