Help on Topology of my model.

Hi guys,

I’m a beginner at 3D modeling and I started to model a Phone Charger.

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I’ve managed to achieve the look I wanted. But the edges that make up the USB port are very close by and go all the way up to the front of the model.
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Firstly, Is it correct? Should it be changed?

Secondly, If I need to have a low poly version of the model, do I have to rethink and design my model better rather than using subsurf?? (Image 3)
Because the model right now is a rectangular box, should I bevel the edges to make it rounded and more closer to the actual object?

The first rule is “does it work for what you want it to do.” If it does, then it’s right.

Now, when it comes to getting a low poly of the result of a subsurf (i.e. the limit surface, or sub-division surface), you have a few options:

  1. Decimate. Collapse your stack at a sufficiently high subdivision level then decimate the mesh back down to low poly. Advantages: less work, fairly accurate capture of the high poly mesh. Disadvantages: long triangular faces may result, which can make shading, uv and texturing odd.

  2. Retopologize. Collapse your stack and high res, then manually create a new topology more closely following the shape of the limit surface. Advantages: More predictable, cleaner mesh than decimation. Disadvantages: much slower than decimation, less likely to get and “exact” match of silhouette to the limit surface.

Thanks nimajneb, valuable advice. I redid my model, used the Bevel to get the curvature needed and modeled the USB port too. Got Quads everywhere. Am happy about it.
Next, need to learn UV Unwrapping and Texturing. Later on into rendering… :o

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Comments and suggestions are appreciated…