help on using an amature to open something

ok here i have a square, made out of triangles, what i whant to be able to do is when i turn a handle, or move something, even if its just an ampty, then the triangles move apart. How would i do this???

thankyou for any help

tell me if you don’t understand what i mean


This should help you:


wow, thankyou, just what i need.

thanx a lot


For the rest of us, Theeth, howzabout briefly explaining what you did in this blend-file? How did you approach and solve this problem?


  • Create an armature to animate whatever you want to animate.
  • Create a new Action block and animate the motion you want the armature to follow.
  • Create a control object (Empties are particularly well suited)
  • For each bone that you want to affect, add an Action constraint (in pose mode) and specify the Empty and the Action you want to apply. You can also tweak the trigger like you want (which axis and the angle range).

That’s pretty much it.


Thanks alot