Help on where to begin with Blender (end goals listed)

Hello everyone!

Let me start by giving a disclaimer that this is my first time posting in the community, so forgive any mistakes with regards to this post. I do not want to waste anyone’s time so I will be as brief and concise as possible:

I am an artist looking for additional forms of media to express myself with, and 3D modeling is what I am heavily interested in learning. I have attempted to learn Blender a few times, but the amount of tutorials out there that cater to specific objectives have made it overwhelming and hard to know where to even begin. I know what I want to do with blender, but would hate to spend time in learning something that ultimately veers away from what I intend to use blender for.

My goal is using Blender to make low poly 3D models. Particularly, replicating the style of games such as Mega Man Legends or Pokemon Sun and Moon. From what I have gathered, these games utilize pixel art with low poly models to achieve this goal. This is what I want to use blender for.

I am not sure if there is anything in particular that I need to learn or focus on with regards to tutorials and getting started. I also am not sure if there are any tutorials that I need to focus less on or ignore all together. I am not even sure if Blender is the best program for this particular goal. If I could have some form of direction that would put me on my way to learning what I want to achieve, I would be a lot less fearful of even opening the program.

Again, sorry for any mistakes with posting. I hope that this isn’t a dumb question that has been asked a million times. I really want to learn how to make 3D models, but the complexities of Blender are intimidating to me. I appreciate any help and look forward to getting into the 3D modeling scene!

This came to mind when I saw your post — low poly modelling, learning blender by doing a project with low poly modelling etc etc.

Once you take a dive into 3D modelling it will open avenues you may not have considered. When I first started my journey as an artist I wanted to draw animation frames (wanted to make the next Akira). As I went through college I wanted to create character concepts for games. Then I started doing graphic design for a studio but they shift me to 3D because I wanted to grow so I started Modelling in 3D because of The job opportunity,I was doing architecture visualisation. Now I’m a concept artist but all I learnt brought me to where I am today and now I use 3D and 2D and I use Blender but mainly zbrush and photoshop. A new venture may seem overwhelming but just start somewhere and you will learn and grow. So just take a dive into a course from a good blender tutor and learn the interface, modelling, texturing and then rendering. Animation etc will be up to you but at least you will know how to model from a simple polygon and have a textured/lit and rendered creation.

Then experiment and expand your knowledge, learn from others and develop. After Time focusing and creating you will find rhythm and then you can build me a bloody rain machine because it’s far too hot here in the south of England!!! :wink:


You shouldn’t be intimidated by Blender. It has a lot of features that allow you to do more than just model, but if you just want to start out with that and ignore the rest, it’s still a great piece of software that will do what you want.

In the tool menu you have most of the basic tools you will need. Get familiar with those and you will soon be able to model just about anything. Once you start becoming familiar with them, you can start looking at the modifiers and other things to expend on Blender’s functionality. Eventually you will want to start adding textures, but early on that isn’t necessary. Same with all the other features like animation, rendering, etc. Take each of these areas as separate learning levels, or just ignore them if you aren’t interested.

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Thank you so much for the supportive words and direction! It is certainly inspiring to hear your story!

Thank you also for the link to the class. Would you recommend courses like this as opposed to video tutorials on places like YouTube? I am fine with spending some money, but I am always cautious with online classes.

Thanks again for the support!

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You’re welcome.

I never took the course but I saw the trailer and with what you described as to what you want to achieve I thought of it as a good stepping stone. I know the guy is good as ive seen some stuff he has done in blender and that’s why I looked at the trailer and read up on the content he will teach.

However, because I already know how to model and coming from a modo background, I knew what I needed to know in order to customise blender to pieces for me to use it in my way. That’s through experience.

YouTube has so many tutorials and some beginners even do tutorials because it’s easy to download and start using, but because of that YouTube is washed with blender tutorials and it can be overwhelmeing where to start. Blender guru (Andrew price) is amazing so his channel is good. He’s been a blender master for years, also Creative Shrimp (Gleb Alexandrov) Is great. Both these guys are not just phenomenal with blender, they really understand fundamentals of art and design. Both are well worth looking at if you go the YouTube route. At least you will be learning from masters. They also sell courses on their websites so maybe have a look.

Other than what I’ve mentioned you could just wait for others input on this thread, many many more know blender and the community more than me and could point you in a direction I don’t know. That been said, if money isn’t an issue try the course I mentioned in my previous post but definitely check the other 2 dudes as well. Just start. Make a choice and open your world… either way you just need to learn the basics. The user interface, an overview of the different modes and then dive into the modelling section. The more you get familiar with the modelling tools you will start to ‘think in 3D’ or at least that’s what happened to me. Then you know what tool does what in order to construct. Late again in the uk so I’m going to sleep.

ps- Thanks for going to the future when you made it as a brilliant 3D artist and creating the rain machine that gave us a little rain today :slight_smile: Time travel is getting fast I guess. Your secret is safe with me… and the blender squad.