help on xp

my friend is having problems with blender on windows xp.she updated her video card drivers,disabled the pointer shadow,but she is still having problems.she says the pointer blinks too much when she moves it through the buttons.she says the programs gets slow sometimes and freezes.she said something about seen black lines,but i’m not sure if she still has that problem.ok…please help.thanx

What video card does she have?

it was a prosavage ddr.

Does she have these problems running other OpenGL applications? It might be drivers. I’m not sure where if the option exists in windows (I use linux most often) but if you can find an option for Hardware Cursor Rendering, turn it off.

well,honestly,i don’t know about that :S…but i don’t think there is an option for that.

answer to most gfx questions:
have they tried 16 bit color? and the latest drivers?

It could be that the card simply doesn’t like the way blender draws the UI, but most cards with such issues are fixed at some color depths, usually 16 bit

yes,she updated the drivers.ughhhhhh 16 bit colors :-? well…thanx,we’ll try that.thanx guys. :slight_smile: