Help opening C4D file

I don’t suppose anyone out there has Cinema 4D and could please help me to open a file and export it to something I could use in Blender?

I’ve downloaded a trial and am trying to figure it out but so far all I’m getting in Blender is a mess of objects. Thanks.

Best to export a scene from C4D to Blender as an FBX.
I could try…but I have a really old version of C4D…so not sure it would load your file.

Thanks. I tried a few exports and FBX completely froze my Mac.

Post it and I’ll give it a shot for you.

Thanks so much!! There’s a few files and, I’m afraid, they are also in Chinese! I put the files here;

I exported an obj which gave me a mass of different poses which I couldn’t see in Cinema 4D. Plus the head was missing so I don’t know what I did? Anyway, I just want the basic standing cat model, similar to this…

The lower poly the better. Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Here are a few fbx files. Let me know if you have any issues.
Blender FBX

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Thank you so much! That’s super helpful!! I owe you. Cheers!!

Happy to help.

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