Help or tips on modeling hair

I’m almost near the end of finishing this model but the only thing stopping me from doing so is the hair. I can’t figure out any method to get it working it always looks off or wrong. I tried modeling using planes by building the basic shape and then modeling the entire area but that just results in it becoming harder to work on other parts. I have seen other people use a cut uv sphere but I can never get that to work correctly.


These tutorials are pretty good at giving you stylized hair in blender with curves and the second one gives you a fantastic material that’s incredibly flexible

I cant say i personally have much experience in single polygon hair, but i did make one model with some in conjunction with some curves

I used edge splits on places I thought would look interesting, and the curves help cover up the ugly bits

But as I grew as a modeler I found that curves simply where easier to deal with (paths specifically as you scale and tilt the points easier) and if I wanted to customize them further I could always convert them to a mesh

I haven’t tried curves but I’ll give it a go!
Tho I’m trying to keep it semi-lowpoly/medium similar to a ps2 model so not sure if having a bunch of model parts would look good whenever animating the hair. Would I be able to connect them or at least make them look connected afterwards?

Yep! Curves you can make pretty low poly themselves without having to convert them or anything.

just make sure you do the same for your bevel object