Help Out in the Help Forums!

Calling all Blenderers…With Fligh on vacation, the others of us that help out in the help forums are going to need a little help! So please help us out, by helping a newbie or a not so newbie with their questions! :ba:

I will do my best Modron
I say Flighs going a way thread, is there no inter net in florida these days?

No worries - I chip in at this and that anyway.

Probably, but it didn’t sound like he was probably going to be answering many questions during his vacation. He has put in alot of time here, and as someone who used to put in almost as much, I can tell you, it can wear you down after awhile. Poor Fligh needs a break!

I will try to pick up some slack but I am no Fligh

nobody can be fligh, he is one of a kind. i really think he ought to get some kind of award.

Maybe we should come up with an award that we can give out ever 3 months or so,
cause he needs one, and I know Eugene Reigly deservs one for all he does,
go see
he is the man

Fligh beats me to the answer, even when I am online! And I aint no slouch.

Fligh was awesome, always filling in my half-baked answers for me:eyebrowlift2:. I’ll try to make it to those forums some more, but most of the time I get there and the questions are answered anyways…

Well, I’ll give it a look, haven’t been here for a long time.
Will see what I can do.

hmm… so true, guess ill try to take more looks in there, though i mostly tend to help & annoy people @ the cgtalk’s blender forum(witch does have some people with questions too, you know…) :wink:

Yeah, I have to look around there more often myself.


I’m so new I can’t find the Help forum listed ad that is probably where I need to hang out and do any posting. Point me in the right direction please.

Blade49: It is listed under the Support Forums. There are the sub forums there for each specific area of trouble you are having.

So go here