HELP: Page writing itself

Hi all

I’m trying to have an (invisible) quill write text on a initially blank page.

Has anyone done anything like it or could point me towards a solution so that I can continue digging into it?



there are a few ways to do it

one is to use an animated texture

or particles

Ah… that steel tutorial is just about perfect for this :slight_smile:

I’ll just have to reverse the process… cool



Hm… ok… I’m making progress… but I seem to be completely nooby about particles.

On screen, it looks fine, when rendered it completely sucks (the lines are way too thick).

Here’s the blend:
And here’s how it looks: (bad)

Is there any particle guru around who would know right away what I could do to reduce the line thickness?

I’m too dense to figure it out right now…



That’s easy enough… for the particle emitter, in the material buttons, you just need to change -

select Halo (links and pipeline panel)
adjust Halo Size (shaders panel).

Halo materials allow you to render objects as little stars for each vertex - and there’s load of options to play with. Particles automatically* render as halos. But unless the particles have Halo selected, you don’t get to control their size, or all the other options that you don’t really want for this project, but’d be worth looking at anyway.

*though this’ll change in, like, a month with the new version of Blender.

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Noob, eh?
wow, that’s some kind of initiative on your part :slight_smile: (this for a project, perhaps? or just for fun?)

there are a few ways to do it. I think the best (and easiest) would be to create a texture and use an empty to affect the alpha for the texture

the empty’s size will affect how tight the feathering is, and the empty’s xy location will affect the alpha channel of the curve/text/svg/ object.

here’s the blend/mov if you would like an example

and also, a cheesy question (with the whole alpha texturing thing)


Hm… that is a very nice shortcut, but unfortunately it doesn’t work if I want to writing to appear as if it is written (strokes of a quilt/calligraphic pen). I’ve got the particles down to do what I want them (thanks for the tip with the halo -> one more completely non-obvious thing in blender grin). Now I do have a completely new problem:

I have the strokes as curves on my plane and I parented the “pencil” to it. It now follows the curve and leaves an ink trail behind. Looking realistic enough for now. BUT: can I have an object follow a multi-segmented path that is NOT in one piece? It seems not (which would mean that I have to animate each segment as a separate curve with a separate parented brush). Please someone tell me that this is NOT the only solution beg.



Where the pen lifts off the paper, have the path go BEHIND the paper. The particles that make the path will still be created, but you won’t be able to see them. You have to select the 3D button in the Curve and Surface tab of the Editing buttons to be able to do this BTW.

Oh - there is a free-ware program called WAX that has an automated text-writing function. I’m not a huge fan of the program, though.

That is a VERY nice idea, and once I read it, it’s so bleeding obvious :slight_smile:

I’ll try that. Only drawback is that I’ll have to tweak around with the speed LPO in order to speed up the transition behind the paper…

I’ll go at it right away.

Thanks and cheers


another option is to use the taper tool / curves for “growing” your curves.
I believe Blendernation had an article on it not too long ago

Hm… that’s even better than using particles (I was getting quite big files with just a few letters so far). Thanks AMDBCG!

BTW: Anyone watching this on Blendernation: The YouTube logo kind of blurs out some of the relevant info… here’s “my” blend with it…