Help!!! Particle Animation

Hi all here… Just see this image please. This is my reference image.
{ This is my Reference :wink: }

I have made an apple like this also i tried the same as water drops like this. “I’m quite happy even-though water drops are not same as the reference.”

I have created these water drops with Hair particles. its good with it. But i can’t able to animate the water drops. I tried my best with soft body for the drops and collision for apple. but i cant able to control the speed of water drops.
Apple rotates in “Z” axis from the frame 45 - 470 with degree 0 - 100. its collision value is

Water drop particle value is

But if i increase the speed & mass of water drop the water drops is not sticking with the apple. Its getting away from the surface of apple. I can’t able to control this water drop with this option. If i decrease speed & mass the water is getting animated very slowly which the water drop animation is not visible in rendering when apple rotates.
I need water drops to be animated on the surface of apple from 45 to 470 frames. Any suggestions/ Help…

Thanx in advance!!!

No idea how to help you, but awesome looking water drops! Any chance you can point me in the direction you took to make then?

Really sorry. That’s just an reference image. i have taken this from google search.

Help Help Help plz!!!