HELP - Particle emmitter following a path

Using latest CVS (Which could account for it!)

I’m trying to make a particle emmitter follow a path.

The object is to use the “Died” option to leave a path of emmitted meta balls so it looks like I’m writing a word in toothpaste!

All the particles emmitted continue to track to the path, instead of simply going straight ahead, so they all gather and the dead ones continue to follow the path after they’re finished.

I could probably beat this with keyframes, but it’s a pain if I change the path that’s spelling the word.

Here’s a blend file to demonstrate… BLEND FILE

You don’t need the ‘Died’ option, just keep the Particle Life going for the length of the anim. I uploaded this for another reason but you can still work it out from this:


Thanks for the reply fligh%

My point is that if you do THIS, the particle stream should form a spiral, but it doesn’t.

The Died option is precicely for that - I want the particles to remain at the end of their life.
(Alternative is that I use a completely transparent plane with full damping in particle interaction to achieve the same thing. Died seems to work more elegantly!)

Here you go:


It works! - So what was I doing wrong? I even used empties to seperate the emmitter from the curve!

Was that the problem?

Click ‘CurveFollow’ on the Empty’s constraint.