Help: Pinning calf bones so that upper body can move while kneeling

Hi all, as the title describes, I’m trying to get an animation where the character is kneeling but actively moving the upper body. The calf bones are parented to the thigh bones, which are parented to the pelvis. I need the thigh bones to move when the pelvis bones move, but for the calf bones to stay where they are.
Have tried using using the “track to” constraint with an empty, but it still causes the calf bones to move. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


a sort of reverse foot but for the leg would do the trick I think. Do you need to be walked through it ?


Nope no need for a walk through, that search phrase was just what I needed to do what I wanted to do. Thanks for the help

Is it possible to add such controls for the foot on an already existing armature without loosing my previsous animations?

Under most circumstances I would say yes. The thing to watch is don’t delete constraints that have been used in animations, this paralyses the armature. Also if you add a new constraint, pay attention to the constraint order, they are processed from top down. The inevitable exception to this is IKs tend to overrule/obviate everything else irrespective of where they are in the list…

Cheers, Clock