[Help Please!] Baking a UV Gradient pass from one UV Map into another for RE:Map

I’m working on a project where I have an AE animator building content to go on a UV map. The problem is, due to the geometry, the UV Map is somewhat disjointed, and the animator needs a more contiguous map to animate on.

My solution is the RE:Map Plugin for AE. It takes a UV Pass (the R/G gradient style), rendered from your 3D environment of choice, and performs a UV map pass in AE.

My complication comes in that I need to go from one UV to another, not to a 3D rendered view of the object. What I have been doing is using the Blender Render nodes in a texture to generate the gradients (using B/W linear gradients, applied to the correct channels) applying the texture using the “disjointed” map, then baking that into the “contiguous” map.

My problem is that the curvature of the gradient seems to be inaccurate near the edges. I’m wondering if there is a better way to do all of this, or some settings I’m missing in the baking process. Currently I’m only baking “texture”.

Thanks in advance for the help.