Help Please (Blender Newbie)

Please could one of the Blender Developers/Users please help me.
I am new to Blender and have previously been using other types of 3D programs, which work in slightly different ways. I am trying to use the (Car Paint) material that i downloaded from the Blender repositry.

I am a little confused which is the best way of applying one of the several Car paint materials to my own model i built in Blender.

I load the car Paint Blender file and i see that in the 3D Scene window
there are several sphere’s with various types of car paint materials applied, also there is a text description next to each sphere with the names of the materials.

Please could you tell me if i should save my model out as say a .obj or .dxf file then import my model into the Car paint materials scene.

Then delete all of the spheres and text from the scene. i really am very confused how to do this.
I do know how to apply materials to my model, but not how to do this when materials have been pre-built as a Blender file.

I am just starting to learn Blender 2.41 and think the program is fantastic
it is very well designed and some of the things it can do are amazing from what i have seen.

I wish to thank all of the Blender developers and user.s and the community for allowing me to download and use this great program.

I also think that the “Elephants Dream” movie Rocks. well done all who worked on it, what an inpiration for me to have a go at making my animation in Blender.
Hope somebody can help.

Many thanks

Gary (Blender Newbie)

First off, Welcome to the World of Blender! :slight_smile:

Each of the spheres has a material applied to it.
YOu need to open you car blend.

  • Click file
  • Append
  • Find the .blend that has the material you want.
  • click on the file.
  • click material
    (you will get a list of the materials the blend files has)
  • right click on the material you want
  • click Load Library


  • Click on your car mesh
  • Click F5 (to go into the shading menu)
    Find the Materals Tab… Click on that little box I highlighted
    You will get a list of materials.
  • pick the material you want to apply to the car.

hope that helps! :smiley:

Hi Calvin

Thanks very much for your help i will try this out this evening.

Yet again what a great community the Blender community is, i am glad i am a part of it.

Thanks again.