Help please cant add materials it anything

I am in need of help any would do I installed blender and I just finished a model and I am trying to add materials to it but all i can do is look at a greyed out preview screen there is no option to add another material to anything it doesnt have the option to do so. I am using the steam version of blender.

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Maybe upload a .blend or a pic or two of the issue?

I Think a Windows 10 update just broke blender for me. It would not boot up at all i try to re install it same problem.However i did reinstall it on a different hard drive it boots up. But i am still have the same problem that the materials do not work nothing is loading up i cant change it at all its all just grey. I can model however which is nice and all but i cant finish my models now. Does any onethink reinstalling my graphic card drivers may help, I dont want that to mess with my games. Any advice would be helpfull thanks!

Can you post pics of the issue? Or maybe a .blend?