Help Please! Choose one. Then I'll make a model of the one with the most votes..

Hi guys! Can you help me out? please choose one of my design, i’ll make a model of the one the got the most votes… thanks!

I don’t like 1, 4 and 5. So go with 2 or 3. If I had to pick one, it’d be 3.

thanks! that’s a point for no. 3

I vote number 2.

I go for num. 3

i would pick 4, as it has more curvy and futuristic design.

curvy means really good materials and texturing… etc…

i vote for 3 because it is massive and you can armit pretty well. and have nice flat places for nice texturing details.

2,it looks like it has lots of power and brawn in a medium package.


no. 3 is getting hits. Thanks guys!

5 and 2 is my choice ; )

I like 4 or 5 a kid could really put an eye out with either of those.

Either #1 or #4.

I pick 3 !

I pick number 2

4 or 5 , leaning towards 5 lack of legs more interesting

I pick number three. But you could use the voting option when making this thread.

I’d go with number two.

I think number 2 looks pretty nice, so yeah, No. 2.

hey thanks! i forgot about the voting option.