Help please displaying leaves correctly


I purchased a Rowan tree on CGTrader and thought I could import the fbx and set up the materials which I’ve managed to previously do with other models. Unfortunately after assigning the materials, I can’t get the leaves of the tree to display correctly as there’s no transparency to make the magic work.

Could I please get some help on how to do it correctly as have followed available tutorials but have had no look at making the leaves look like real leaves and not just long rectangular strips? The outside green keeps showing. I have contacted the creator of the trees many times but still get no response.

Have attached the leaf jpg files that came with the model. (The trunk material I can get to work ok.)

Appreciate your time with this. Thanks.

The third image looks like an alpha mask, plug it into the alpha socket of the principled bsdf.
If in eevee also set the material settings for blend and shadow mode to alpha blend and alpha hashed (or another alpha options).

It is called “rowan _leaffull_op”, the op stands for “opacity” (the oposite of alpha)


Thanks for the quick reply @DNorman

Looks like I might have me some nice looking Rowan tree’s after all :smiley:

I’ll try that this evening when I finish work. Yes forgot to mention it’s cycles render to exr multi and blender 3.1.2



Works perfectly. Thanks very much for your help.