Help , please help.... my text script lost

Situation, for my stupid error have replace a script in my text editor with another (blender 2.8)
now , my options are at the end, have only 1 backup and not have inside the script, last session not have inside . But in this session my script is registered , and work but is not installed. Any idea?

News , i have .pyc file inside directory of AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons_pycache_
any possibility?

And to add insult to your injury, the 2.8 text editor’s undo has been very buggy with undos.

Head over to Blendercoder’s irc channel or devtalk forum to see if someone has a good idea. I cant think one right now.

Tyr this maybe

Ty very much , i check now… pcy. inside is not my script.

Yes, .pyc is compiled version of your script. What you get might not be what you type but it will be a script with the same functionality, if it is the same script pyc:) Make sure you find the right pyc from the one in the text editor.

Yes ty , but i look now , the compiled script is not my script .
Not find my script , i have not install, but now work , and i dont have any idea about find it…
Where put blender the “Register” text py?

Yeah ask in the devtalk or irc, I actually do not know where Blender keeps those scripts from the text editor. It might be in your sys %TEMP% folder

Ty very much ,
i have a backup in 2.79 is from yesterday but now i have changed the number of save versions to preserve from error.

You can also use my save temp versions addon to save as many versions as you would like without affecting your original file

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