Help Please-- How do I copy a keyframe?

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Hi. I am making an amination where some text just moves around slowly, but I want it to loop. I have allready animated it all but it needs to go back to its start location. I need to copy the keyframe on frame 1 to frame 200. Any simple way I can do this? Thanks!

It’s really simple but it’s not a normal “CTRL+C” & “CTRL+V”. In the Action Editor you’ll see two buttons: one with an arrow pointing down to a yellow bar, one pointing up from the yellow bar. The down arrow copies, the up one pastes.

Thanks for the quick response, but… err… it says when I past it, it has no data to past. For some reason, it won’t copy… Any help, please?

In the action editor/dope sheet, you can box select the keyframes and Shift+D which is Duplicate. Then just press G grab and drag the new keys to frame 200.

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you can also copy a keyframe with shift D, same as a mesh. ( duplicate )
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Thanks! Err… it still isn’t working. I didn’t really understand the post from danield, but Modron’s post’s suggestion isn’t working. When I push Shift D, nothing happens. Hmm… Can you please give me more accurate info like exactly where to put my mouse and what ever? Thanks for the help!

I suggest you learn how to use the action editor/dopesheet, depending upon what version of blender you are using…

Basically, you need to select the key frames you want to copy and you can copy those key frames as suggested by Happy Friar, then move your cursor in the action editor/dopesheet to where you want to paste them on the timeline and paste with the icons Happy Friar suggested.

You can also select, using the b-key select the key frames you want to copy and shift-d to duplicate. Yes, it appears to do nothing, but it has create duplicates on top of the originals. You then need to move them to the desired frame you want them at.

If you want to copy the pose at frame 1 to frame 200, I would move the cursor to frame 200, b-key select all the frames at frame 1, shift-d to duplicate and move the mouse to the left a bit. your new duplicate keyframes should be visible. Then I would shift-s and select ‘snap to cursor’.

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If it’s bones there is a copy pose button on the 3d window, and a paste button.

thanks u <3 <3