help please, Joining Armatures?

Hey, just before i get started this is my first post so if i do anything wrong please tell me. Im fairly new to blender and 3D art in general, so apologies in advance for me being a noob. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok so I’ve spent today modelling my alien & rigging him ready so i can animate and maybe use him in the BGE, however i got to around to doing the eyes i had already set up the body rig etc, so i made the eyes & eye lids as two separate objects (this might be my problem?). After i had finished modelling the eyes & their lids (which has taken me a fair amount of time) i realised that i could not find a way to join the 3 different parts (body, eyes, eye lids) whilst keeping the armatures so they worked, if that makes sense. if i use the Join tool i loose the connection between the bones & the mesh.
So yeah i was wondering if their is a way to join them without having to redo the armature rigging. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you all in advance. :slight_smile:

Once again i apologise for being such a noob.

let me get this right, you simply want the eyes and and eyelids to be connected to the head without having to activly join the meshes as that breaks your rig?

what you can do is simply parent the eyes to the head in object mode, by selecting the eyes and eyelids then lastly selecting the head and pressing ctrl p and selecting “object” from the popup menu. your eyes will now follow the head mesh while still being independent objects.

Yeah, but when I was doing that since i had the eye lids rigged they were becoming de-rigged ( i couldn’t move the eye lids with the bones anymore), in the end I did as you said and just parented the eyes then redid the eye rigging.
Thanks for the help though Ill make sure next time I have the eyes parented before I do the rigging for the first time.