Help Please! Map issue...

Hello all,
My question is simple and clear ( i hope:o ), how can I add Displacement Maps ( Made with ZBrush) to a model in Blender?
I have ZBrush, but I can’t figure out how to use it along with Blender!
Thanks in advance ( I really need help here :slight_smile: )

map zbrush .png or jpg as an image texture to Disp-lacement. make sure your object has enuf vertices to displace. see

Thanks Roger :slight_smile:
Ok, what if I made it a UV, how can I make it a displacement then? ( image textures without UV unwraping are not accurate u know…)

Is z brush a brush sculpting tool? If so then you’re gonna like the next release cuz you can brush sculp in it. See this post:

Ya I know, it’s kinda cool, it will save me some time and exporting and importing…!
But for now ZBrush is the best software out there for sculpting ( I might add Mudbox to the collection as well ! )
Back to the question, does anyone know how to make a UV map a displacement ?

Map Input -> UV
Map To -> Disp

You have to unwrap first of course.

Thank you SoylentGreen!