Help please! My mesh went all black!

Okay so i know I am a noob at this kinda stuff and I’ve just started. I haven’t found anyone with a similar problem at least with a solution that can work for mine. My animation and everything was working fine and then I think i either was messing with alpha or with clear/apply in the object menu and all of a sudden when I click “P” to test the game my character is pitch black. Not normal i don’t think. Please help, I attached my .blend file if you can try to mess around with settings to figure it out. Thanks for looking at this anyway.
PS I have already tried to mess with normals a bit.


gobberbugged.blend (1.89 MB)

Did you texture paint and not pack as a png or save as ? or did you move or delete a image texture in your computer files ?

No I couldn’t have deleted a texture because I have a file of the same thing I saved a while back when I had barely finished the model. And I don’t think I could have saved anything as a png or whatever because I am not sure what that means. Thanks for answering though.

If you texture paint you gotta save as or pack as png or the next time you open it will be black. Thats the only 2 ways I know of it turns black. If you had a image or movie texture it probably says “can not find image” in the materials panel under image. If you used a blender material like clouds , stucci wood…Then its something I do not know about . good luck.

this is what I made if it helps


davids 1afile.blend (1.09 MB)

Cool thanks both of you. I couldn’t figure it out so I just loaded an older version of it that I saved a long time ago and I am caught up now. Thanks anyways.