Help, please. (Particles Problems)

So after about a year break, I decided to get back into using Blender. I have been working on my friends head ( again) and am completely stuck at the eyes. I think I did decent for the rest of it, and am working on getting rid of the tris. If someone could please show me how the eyes should be done, properly, I would be greatful. I’ve also been at this for 2 or 3 days now. I’ve checked a lot of tutorials and the pics arent large enough to follow. Im attaching the .blend file.

If you should need anything else let me know.

Thanks in advance.


ariel.blend (236 KB)

generally a wire view pic along with the file is a good idea.

I haven’t actually watched this, but it’s from blender cookie, so it should be good.

I usually use retopo to make eyes, since we got it, like so:
start by situating the eye just behind the socket, and scale up the eye slightly…
then use retopo to lay your edge loops onto the surface of the enlarged eye, extrude a couple more loops, and then scale the eye back down, after exiting retopo mode, and extrude another edge loop to make the edge of the eyelid. and the last pic is subsurfaced.


Hope this is what you meant. Forgive me if there was another way that has eluded me.


Hey, mate i am afraid I dont know much about organic modeling, but i gave you a better light setup. I know not the best, but better than what you had. All lights+camera moved to layer below 1


ariel.blend (245 KB)

Ok, dont think Im liking this retopo thing. Probably because I don’t have a clue.

Atemporal, thanks for the link, as much as I hate watching videos for tutorials ( Odd I know) guess Im gonna have to check it out.

DDD.thanks, I know my light was bright, but I do it that way so I can see better. But do appreciate the effort! :slight_smile:

Retopo is tricky until you get the hang of it. The main thing to remember though, is the make sure the ‘occlude background geometry’ button is off ( the one with the cube icon ) so that you can see what you are doing. Also, I hardly ever use draw mode, because the results can be unpredictable. It’s something worth learning when you get the time.

Oh, so maybe thats whats cause her to grow horns from her eyes. LMAO. good advice. Im determined to get this right this time. Once I get the eyes, I think Im good for the rest of it…in theory

the eyes will seem easy compared to the ears…but you will get it…

A little off topic

You’re not odd, I didn’t like video tutorials at first ether… mostly because it’s harder to find specific parts and information in them, but also because it forces you to think at their pace of action. but many of the best tutorials are in video format because they are faster to make (if you know what you’re doing) then typing it all out and screen grabbing it all. so I can understand why they are becoming more popular. also I should note that a well made video tutorial makes a big difference in both of these regards, and blender cookie seems to have some of the best out there.

I’m done now :stuck_out_tongue:

So, a 2 hour video turned into an 8 hour endeavor, and still am only 1/2 way done. Up next is the ears ( Im scared :eek:) but here is what I have so far…


Can someone tell me where I went horribly wrong on the ears please?? I was following the video just fine. Then it went down hill when it was time to connect the vertices, Apparently, him telling me connect here and here, was not helpful enough. I guess I need it explained in a more “kindergarten” way?

Attach is the blend file, screen shot, and the pic of the ear I was basing it off of, since I didnt have a pic of her ear.

Anything else, let me know.



ariel tute.blend (186 KB)

ok im gonna be honest here, i know exactly what your saying about the ear and connecting it, its so hard to find the right connectors because you have to keep spinning the head till you find the right one, and even then you could click the wrong connector and you would only find out after,

Dunno if anyone else knows about this other way of doing the ear though,
i got it from ward7299’s blender tutorial, he went into one whole video just on the ear, basically he says that if you just do the face as if the ear wasnt there, then extrude out, it looks wierd at first but then you start to shape the outsde ring of the ear, once you have done that you extrude the inner loop into the ear, and again it may look wierd at this point, however you can then go into sculpt mode, get the grab tool, finally start grabbing bits and pulling it out slightly so that you get the bumpy feeling inside the ear.

anyways i will stop now as thats it summed up, but if you think it sounds easier check his video on you tube, there should be a section as i said just on the ear alone =] good luck

Thanks Silly, Ill check it out. Not sure about the easier part yet…

If all else fails…she just wont have any ears. Thank goodness she has thick hair. :slight_smile: LOL

But I am bound and determined to figure it out.

I did it!!! I think. I dont plan on animating, so I’m honestly not worried about the few poles I have. Although, the ones by where the nose are annoying me.

I had to watch the ear video TWICE. But I think I got it the 2nd time around, well for the most part anyways. Not to worried about if anything is wrong with them since I want to add hair, which will cover her ears.

Can someone point me to a GOOD hair tutorial?


this is how i first learned particle hair… its david ward and its a series he did a while back making a character and in this part he makes his hair… i hope it helps

Ok. so I made a few changes. And I personally think it looks better. The ONLY prob I am having, and its REALLY starting to aggravate me is every time I try to do her hair, blender crashes. Regardless if I’m using 2.49 or 2.5 alpha. Least I got to play with it for a bit before I lost my progress. LOL


hmmm… thats strange… what settings are you using? and what system are you using?

Honestly, from trying so many different ways, I cannot remember the exact settings. I do remember the normals being set at 0.100 and the random being at 0.200. As for my system, Vista ( grrr) amd dual core processor 64 bit. 3 Gig RAM.

Ok, So I tried watching a video. Good news: blender hasnt crashed yet. Bad news: Looks like crap. ARGH!

Please please tell me where Im going wrong???


ariel hair.blend (793 KB)