Help, please please help.

Hello there, im somewhat of a novice animator, but iv being asked by a friend if I could do some animations for a shows his drama group is doing, the show is return to the forbidden planet; and Unfortunately with only a week left there is a lot of work still to do, so im looking for any help from any kind hearted soul out there who is decent with blender.

There are a total of 7 scenes which I could use help with, there nothing too complicated but I could use not having to do them. If any one is interested in giving me a helping hand please let me know, and ill make sure your name is credited in the program.

Here is a list of the scenes it would be great to get rid of:
(most scenes will probably be in a vector graphic cartoon style)

Scene 1:
This scene will be to the song “whos sorry now” if any one can find it, but the best description iv being given is “bluesy images”. I think with this all that’s needed is a looping animation 10-20 second long that we can just keep on replay, any sort of 2D vector graphic style blues instruments floating across a pale blue background. Some minor animation on the instruments could help as well but that’s not a must. The instruments should probably be:
Double bass/chello

Preferably all in a gold shade less colour but still with darker detail so you can tell what the instruments are.

Scene 2:
This is to a song called “gimme some lovin”, not sure if it’s the one by the blues brothers, but lets assume that for now any way. This one should be in similer vector style graphics to scene 1. This could use being on a pale pink background with a Like a pulse on a hospital heart monitor (
An animated version of one of those needs to fill the background but not stand out too much. This one also needs love hearts floating across the screen, preferably some animated to be beating but not all should be. Maybe even some with arrows through them in the classic and clichéd way they do that. This animation should also be seamlessly able to replay, about 10-15 second is all that needed for the length of this one.

Scene 3:
This is to a song called “warpaint” no idea other than that, the CD I was given doesn’t even have half of these on. With this one think fashion and cosmetics, yet another simple one with objects floating across the background (there popular these ones aren’t they) But a pink background, (not too bright) with pale pink shadless objects floating across again. This time the objects should be:
Sticks of makeup
Shoes (high heels)
This one will need to be about 30 second long as there is a special request for this one. There must be a scene where all of these objects go into a bin, so that will need to be in there, but the animation must still be able to loop seamlessly.

Scene 4:
This one is quite fun, and probably the shortest, It needs a robot doing well, the robot. This only needs to be simple, 1 or 2 robots just on a looping animation on a dark blue background, when making the robot, think about old robots like this ( something like this would probably look the best. Basically, a robot dancing is all we need, this animation can be about 15-20 second long, the robots must change direction, in other words, just turn to face a different direction at some point while dancing.

Scene 5:
This one is to a song “shake rattle and roll”. This one should be on a light beige background ( or something like that, with medium beige spots of different sizes.
The objects needed for this are:
Pots and pans
Breakfast (bacon and eggs in pans and on there own)
And (wait for it) Elvis

The objects should be a bronze colour (except elvis) and as usual, floating across a background. They should be a shadless colour but with enough detail in darker colours for you to be able to tell what they are. Once again, this animation should be seamlessly replayable. One last thing, elvis… just have him in there somewhere, they wanted him playing the drums, but hell, just getting him in there with a white coat, black hair and and golden beige skin in some distinctive pose would work just as well.

Scene 6:
“Born to be wild” is the song for this one, by Steppenwolf (yes I actually know who sings this one). But this one needs to be as the last few, in vector graphic/ cartoon style. But this one needs to be a planet exploding, anything but earth. This needs to be as if there travelling away from the planet in a spaceship, don’t show any space ships, but there needs to be planet exploding with a background of cartoon style stars. If possible the planet should crack first then explode, this needs to be slow scene stretching out for at least 3 minutes, so blow the planet up bit by bit and do this slowly, but give it a big bang finale, then just a repeating pattern of debris flying at the camera that can go on for about another 2 minutes. The big bang should take place about 10 seconds before the end of the 3 minutes.

Scene 7:
This one is to the song “great balls of fire” ( im sure most of you know this one anyway) This one needs to be on a cartoon background of stars, with objects flying towards the camera. Everything needs to be in a cartoon style, black outlines, and that sort of stuff. Some things that it could use id say are:
Other spaceships (not too frequent)
Also, add anything in that could be funny, say, the tardis flying past or mars with a tripod on it. just anything space related that could be funny.
This animation needs to run for about 2minutes 10 seconds.

Anyway, that’s it all, If any one wants to help me please note, it must be done by next Friday (Friday 25[SUP]th[/SUP] January), and if your going to render it, it must be rendered in 1280x720 in a video foramt. if not, then just set up the camera with this size and send me the animated blend file, (not forgetting to pack any textures)

My email is [email protected] so if any one wants to give me a hand it would be massively appreciated, email me about it first and let me know which scene your want to do, or if you just want me to give you one and let you loose. The show is non profit so there’ll be no way to pay any one, meaning this will be completely voluntary, but greatly appreciated. Give me your name when ever you send anything and ill make sure your credited fully in the program.

Thanks you :slight_smile: … and im exhausted now.