Help Please!!! Texturing trees made by the Gen3 Script

I have made a tree in Blender 2.49b using the Gen 3 script. But i have no idea how to add the leaf textures to it. The script itself does not have any options regarding this. And i cant go on texturing every one leaf manually. Can somebody tell me how its done? Thanks.

Come on guys! am really struggling to texture trees. I have made them but have no idea how to add the leaf texture. I have already got the leaf texture.

This probably won’t be much help, but, you could do it via particles? Blendercookie had a tutorial on creating a wing with this method, I’d check that out and just adapt the technique to match a branch etc. Unless this is a game object?

Assuming that each of your leaves is a single plane, select them all in edit mode, hit U and choose ‘reset’. Now in your materials set ‘map input’ to ‘UV’. Now your image texture will occupy each face. Do you need help with the alpha settings?

yeah modron, i cant get the settings right in Blender 2.58.

does your leaf texture already have an alpha channel?

its ok. I have managed to get the alpha thing work right. But the problem is when i render my leaf, the white outlines show off too much. (See the picture). I have tried my best in GIMP to remove them and when i look at it in he photo editor, everything seems fine. But in Blender, the white outlines show too much and i cant remove them. Thanks in advance for your help.
Link to the Tree image:

Link to my leaf texture:

Link to my the compressed .blend file:

I have found that Blenders alpha mapping is quite good, so what I would try, is to make a leaf in blender, then render it using the render settings ‘RGBA’ and ‘premul’ , and choosing file type .png for output. It’s kind of a pain, but it will give you a better alpha map than photoshop will.