Help please (with several problems)

Help please (with several problems)

First problem is getting this

To interact properly with this bottle.

Could you give any ideas

Next question could you give some links to a good simple python-game scripting tutorials? I don’t know any scripting at all.

I have UV mapped some stuff and then play the game but after starting and closing the game a few times the box or whatever just go plain white.

Final (maybe) can one use built textures or do you have to UV map everything?

Oh one more thing can you make 3-d text show up in the game and if so how do you change the text during the game like to deduct life.

Use bounds-box
Tutorials for Python thread:

The back to white is a 2.47 glitch. Just reload the texture.

what bounds box? the one in Game Engine panel, I changed both the types to convex hull prototype and it just goes right trough it

Thanks for the python links.

what did you mean by bounds-box because in the game engine i changed both types to complex-hull-protype and it just goes right through.
Thanks for the links to python.

the problem is your shape, it isnt convex (convex hull polyotype?)
make multiple objects out of convex shapes and parent them together to build your concave shape, and enable “compound” next to the bounds options on the parents

same with the bottle, think of what the bounds will look like here, the neck of the bottle will be as wide as the cap so that the bounds will be convex

again, just use multiple objects so that you can make it concave

Originally posted by mack:
make multiple objects out of convex shapes and parent them together to build your concave shape, and enable “compound” next to the bounds options on the parents

What effect would that have on machine requirements and framerate?
I’ve notice that one can drop from 60 fps to 2 fps rather quickly, if not careful.

i think it would be about the same, smaller objects = less faces to simulate physics on
but then more objects would also mean more thinking?

ill do a test

it didnt seem to make an effect on the framerate, but im sure it would if i had a larger scene

Yeah, as it pushes the limits of the machine, the difference would show more

Thank you.

Convex-compound bounds drastically lowers the framerate. I’d use 4 different squares to detect collision. It has almost the same effect, but isn’t a framerate whore.

yea killer is pro XD listen to him

but im kinda confused here, whats the difference between a compound and just 4 squares?

I am confused. Could you explain what a convex hull polytype even is, since I’m still pretty much a noob.

its a type of bounds, if your shape is any more complex than the primative shape type of bounds you should use this, but its convex

the difference between convex and concave = convex would be a sphere, concave would be like a cresent

Would it be to much to ask you to make a simple example, because I can’t quite figure it out. I’ll hopefully check back tomorrow.

I’ll make a demo using both methods.

just apply these to something 3d

sorry i gotta go, but if your still confused tomorrow ill make something in paint XD

edit: thanks killer

Here’s two ways of getting a somewhat similar effect.

The weapon on the right has a convex polytope (non-compound)

however the weapon on the left is four squares with bounding boxes joined together to “mimic” a convex polytope bound.

Personally I prefer mine. I think it’s more “correct” because the polytope bounds has a bad problem with either “jittering” or randomly stopping physic calculations.



convexpolytope.blend (212 KB)

i fixed someone else’s forklift trouble once before, and it was almost exactly like this. post the blend file.

Here is the most recent robotRobot 3.blend (335 KB)
and here is the bottleBottles try 2.blend (148 KB)