Help please

Hi, I’m a beginner at 3d modeling and I need advice on how to approach this piece

I must clarify that this piece is part of another one that is curved, so I think i need to use subdivision surface, this is why making the small button slot with boolean and bevel results in many more artifacts

I would put screenshots of what I have tried but as I am a new user it won’t let me upload more than 2 files.

Any advice is welcome, as I have spent several days thinking and trying :confused:

This should work:

Add a plane and enter edit mode, add some subdivisions 22 should be ok, you may need to add less depending on if your computer can handle all of that. Now exit out of edit mode and
add a sphere, resize it until you like it, now select the plane and add a boolean modifier select the
sphere and set it to the union, apply the modifier and add a subdivision surface.
Once that is done remove the sphere. For the buttons add a
circle and fill it, now resize it to your liking and extrude it a bit,
You may need to make the extrusion longer because it’s not going to reach the top all the way
For the final touch add a bevel in this case adjust it to your liking.

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Shrinkwrap can be very useful for this if you first make your general curved surface, then design a flat topology to shrinkwrap onto it, apply it the you can do the buttons and circular dip with proportional editing etc

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Thanks, I hadn’t thought of adding several subdivisions and applying boolean before adding the subd modifier, maybe that will make it look as needed.
Should the buttons be added as boolean or should they be superimposed as separate mesh objects?

I have seen some videos about this modifier and I was thinking of trying it in this exercise, since you mention it then I will have to find out more about it, i think is a good idea, thank you

It is well worth looking into as it gives you control over the topology.

One suggestion would be once that you have applied the shrikwrap, make a vertex group of the vertices you want to stay put on your main guide surface (without the buttons and the circular dip) and then add another shrinkwrap with the vertex group option. You can then make the buttons and dip, while maintaing the base curve.
There are many tutorials on this method if you google holes on curved surfaces.

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Hello!, It’s nice to see someone new to Blender!
Blender’s community is growing day to day and it’s happy to see and it’s nice to help new users to Blender.

Here, I recorded and uploaded a video for you. I’m showing how to model your image with Blender, but of course blender : D

I like to teach people and I’ll start to do tutorials on Youtube soon. So please subscribe and like my video and if you interest with tutorials please open the bell.

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Thanks for the welcome and for taking the time to record video and upload it. I think it would be a good idea to do it this way as well, although I will probably have to combine it with the shrink modifier to be able to use it with subd modifier. And of course I’ll keep an eye on the videos you upload about new projects :smiley:

Thank you so much for your beatiful reply! : D thank you for supporting me at youtube, have a nice day! : D and just one last thing, practice makes it better. Learn things from tutorials and combine things with practice, this makes everything perfect.

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