help please

I have a rather strange problem it seems. When I boot up blender, one of my past projects is active, so I click for a new project to be started, and it loads a new, clean view, or so it should. Once again, the same past project is active, and I cannot find a way to get it to go away and start a new project. has anyone else had this problem? What might be going on?

Thank you

It seems as though you have somehow managed to save the user defaults whilst in a project.

When you load Blender, delete everything from the scene, except the camera. All meshes, lights, IPO’s if there are any, everything basically.

Then hold CTRL and press U. This will now save the current settings as the default for each new project.

You can keep your most used settings in the 3D windows and render window this way. Set up which buttons you want selected, image output, image size etc, so you don’t keep having to change them for each new .Blend. Just hold CTRL and press U to save.

Hope this helps,


Great! thanx. but isn’t there a way to clear everything at once? I mean, like a ‘clean slate’ button? Thanks

Yeah it’s the CTRL X shortcut, but it only loads the defaults.

You can use A to select all in whatever window your mouse pointer is over, then hit DEL or X to delete them. This works for most of the windows in blender.


or you can just delete the .B.blend file (it’s in C:\Windows for windows and home in linux)

this file is the file blender loads on starting up or ctrl-X-ing

if you delete it, blender will create the default one (ie one camera, one plane, nothing else)

That sounds perfect…but I can’t find the file. Is it just supposed to be right there in the C:\windows folder? Where else would it be?

it is for me

start up MS-DOS Prompt and type
del %WINDIR%.B.blend /p
and see if that works

comes out saying “could not find C:\windows.B.blend”

go into blender and press Ctrl+U - it should tell you where it’s saving to

then go delete it right?


I don’t get it, it’s still not anywhere, I even did a search and it’s not in my computer

do you think i should try uninstalling the program then redownloading/installing.

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Not a Number\Blender